Our Story

Enessa was founded by Michelle Ornstein more than 25 years ago on the principle that beauty is defined by the ability of the body and mind to live in natural harmony. It was her true feeling that the approach must be a natural one, from the food that we eat to the supplements we take, and the products that we use to cleanse and nourish our body.

Originally conceived as Enessa Wellness Spa and product line, our spa was located in the chic neighborhood of West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue. The spa catered to many Hollywood celebrities, who came in to get pampered by all natural treatments and products. Our products have been chosen for gift baskets at numerous events from The Emmys, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Critics Choice Awards to the NAACP Image Awards. Enessa’s products have been used by many celebrities, Hollywood make-up artists throughout the years and featured on TV shows.

As the demand for our product line continued to grow, Michelle decided to close the chapter on the spa and dedicate her time to formulating new products and focus on her true passion which was the growth of Enessa’s product line.

Our story may be expanding, the number of products that we offer is increasing, but our approach toward the future is always with a vision of our past. We know that we must never waiver from our belief that the proof of success in bringing about and maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin tone is in a simple word- Nature.  

It is increasingly more difficult today to live a healthy lifestyle. Our skin is honest and cannot be fooled. The ozone layer has been depleted at an alarming rate. The pollution in the environment is ever increasing in both volume and severity. All of the environmental toxins degrade our skin’s ability to maintain itself.

Enessa offers products that reduce the negative effects of the environment upon the skin, and we offer them with natural ingredients, simple ingredients and effective ingredients. Our research has shown that while an ingredient such as Argan oil or Rose essential oil may be simple, the dynamics in which they interact and effect the skin both at the surface and internally is complex and profound.

It can be summed up best that what keeps us going is the journey of life. We never stop losing our desire to gain new knowledge. We are never satisfied with a single formulation that it will be the end all solution. We know that there will be something unknown in our future that drives us to ask new questions and strive for new answers. We believe in the science of nature and the power of knowledge.