My connection with nature started at an early age, and as I got older I began to realize the importance of all things natural, from food to skin care products. My personal experience with sensitive skin as a teen led me on a quest to find a natural solution. 

From that early passion and curiosity, I have evolved to become what I am today, a natural cosmetic formulator, and founder and president of Enessa Organic Skin Care.

Each of my formulations was inspired by addressing someone’s needs, be it my own, or from my past experience as an esthetician and owner of Enessa Wellness Spa.

Today, as a formulator, I am able to focus on my true passion, to develop products based on my personal philosophy of purity, simplicity and efficacy.

I travel around the world to seek out the latest knowledge, most recent innovations and the purest, most effective ingredients from essential oils to bio-actives and exotic plant extracts. I create, formulate and oversee the production of each product to ensure that my creations become your solutions.

I invite you to share in my vision.

Michelle Ornstein, Founder