We are driven by our passion to create the purest, most effective skin care products that will allow you to achieve balance, beauty and optimum skin health. We do this without compromising our core values of being a green company. Our natural and organic based skin and body care product line uses the highest quality essential oils, bio-actives, and plant extracts available, exemplifying Enessa’s dedication to purity in skin care. Taking advantage of the latest in scientific research in natural ingredients, we leverage our experience and knowledge to create products that are simply superior in their ability to restore vitality and maintain your beautiful skin. We source our natural ingredients from all over the world, establish personal relationships with green suppliers and fair-trade growers, and test our ingredients for purity and stability. Our products have always been made according to our high standards of what is considered natural and are never tested on animals. At Enessa, we are driven by our desire to achieve perfection in our products while bringing you healthy, beautiful skin, naturally.