Our Founder 

Message from Our Founder

My passion for natural skin care started in my teens, at a time when I was searching for a solution to address my own skin concerns. Having been raised in a holistic household, it was a given to me that I would turn to nature to find an answer.

From that early curiosity, I have evolved to become an organic cosmetic formulator, a licensed esthetician, a licensed aromatherapist and founder of Enessa Organic Skin Care.

When I look at the range of Enessa's product line, I see the story of my life unfolding. My formulations started for skin blemishes in my teens. As an esthetician and spa owner, I was inspired by my clients’ needs to create new products. As a mother, I expanded the line for babies, and now at mid-life, my focus has been to create products that are age-defying and maintaining skin health.

I consider myself a lifelong learner, but my philosophy remains consistent within the principles of organic, pure and effective skin care.

I travel around the world to seek out the latest knowledge and most recent innovations in skincare. I formulate and hand craft each product in small batches to ensure quality control and that my creations become your solutions.

I invite you to explore my creations.



My approach to beauty has always been holistic. 

Taking care of your body internally, emotionally and topically will reveal your healthy beautiful skin.