Our Story

From Our Founder

My childhood memories were filled with many healthy practices widely accepted today. Juicing, vegetarianism, 
and acupuncture were commonly practiced and embraced.

I remember visiting my grandmother’s farmhouse, and the scent of various herbal blends permeated the air. Many people visited her, seeking traditional remedies for
various ailments.

When I was 16 years old, my face was covered with acne, and I had no idea how to fix it. I frantically purchased any acne products I could get my hands on, trying everything from widely known skincare brands to dermatologists’ prescriptions–none of which helped, and some even made my sensitive skin more irritated. Desperate, I knew that I must find an alternative treatment for my sensitive skin.

Growing more determined to find a solution, I began to explore the traditional healing practices of my upbringing and became increasingly passionate as I immersed myself in the field. I started creating various facial treatments with my newfound knowledge, and as my skin responded, my confidence grew. 

My mission became apparent, and by eighteen,
I became a licensed esthetician and soon after a certified aromatherapist. I realized that incorporating different traditional modalities such as Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and Herbology gave me the tools to create more potent products. After inspecting the ingredients used in top skincare brands, I was confident that I could make more effective products that were all-natural.

With handwritten labels, my skincare formulations were born!
I named my brand “Enessa,” which loosely translates to the miracle of the essence in Hebrew.

In 1997, my vision came to life, and I created Enessa Wellness Spa to integrate the Enessa skincare line into various holistic services. The spa was located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, catering to anyone looking to get treated by our signature facials and all-natural products. Our products were chosen for gift baskets at events such as The Emmys and The Golden Globe, and throughout the years, they have been used by Hollywood make-up artists in movies and TV shows.

As the demand for our product line grew, I closed the spa
to dedicate my entire focus to my passion– the growth of Enessa’s products. 

The range of Enessa’s product line reflects my life story. My formulations started as a solution to skin blemishes in my teens. As a mother, I expanded the line for babies, and now, my focus has been to create age-defying products that maintain skin health and target specific skin conditions.

My formulations are based on traditional healing modalities with the latest innovations in natural cosmetic science, such as plant cells and bio-actives. I work directly with family farms and co-ops worldwide to source high-quality ingredients. Each product is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality control, freshness, and the result that your skin deserves without compromise.