Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Michelle Ornstein

Is there any reaction when switching to a natural skin care brand?

In some instances, there may be a short period when the body will detox and the skin will go through a cleansing or purifying process, this is especially true when using any product containing essential oils. However, the overwhelming majority of clients using our products for the first time report the immediate improvement in appearance, tone and elasticity of their skin.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our philosophy of manufacturing is producing smaller batches more frequently to ensure freshness. Generally speaking our cream and gel based products have 18 months shelf life from manufacturing date and 12 months from date of opening.  All our elixirs which contain only Golden Jojoba and essential oils, have at least 3 years shelf life since Golden Jojoba is NOT an oil and will not oxidize. Our other facial elixirs which contains a blend of oils and essential oils have 12-18 months shelf life.  Our cleansers and facial serums have at least 18 months shelf life.  Please keep in mind that natural products do best when stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Are your products Vegan, and soy free?

All of our products are soy free. All of our products are vegan, with the exception of Monoi Soothing Cleanser which contains organic raw honey.

Do you test on animals?

We never did and never will!  Goes against our philosophy.

Are your products Certified Organic?

While I get this question asked often, my honest answer is that I don’t find this seal to be a true validation of what Enessa stands for.  While majority of Enessa’s products do meet the USDA certified organic seal, I feel that this seal doesn’t reveal enough to give the consumer the understanding of which grade of extract, oils or other ingredients are used.  For instance, at Enessa we believe in using only unrefined oils which contains all the healing properties and retain their natural color and fragrance.  Many companies that are USDA certified organic use refined organic oils, while they do meet the requirements for getting the USDA seal, in reality they do not contain the same vitamins and nutrients as the unrefined oils. 

In addition, at Enessa we believe that it’s not just about the 95% target to achieve the USDA seal, but more than that we insure that 100% of ALL the ingredients used in our products are natural/organic and as safe as can be.  For instance, there are ingredients which are approved for the USDA organic market as preservatives, but at Enessa we find that some of these ingredients might cause skin irritation for some people and we choose not to use them.  Therefore, we feel that our policy is more strict than the approved seal of the USDA and their seal doesn’t justify what Enessa really stands for. For us to make claims on our products as “no parabens etc…” seems unnecessary, since we never even considered this option from the beginning, which was more than 25 years ago. Ultimately, it is our belief that Certified Organic seals in cosmetic products is a marketing tool and we choose not to rely on such organization to do that for us.

Is it safe to use your products during pregnancy?

Our products are safe to use during pregnancy with the exception of Clove Acne Control and Rescue which are too strong and I suggest to wait until 2nd trimester to use them.  Generally speaking, I would advise to avoid using stimulating essential oils during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.  If you are not sure if you can use a specific product, please contact us.

What is the difference between plant CO2 extracts and essential oils?

Essential oils are most commonly created from a process of steam distillation or cold press expression. Expression is generally the method of choice for citrus essential oils and steam distillation is done for most others. CO2 extracts, or Supercritical CO2 extracts are the result of a relatively new process used for the extraction of plant materials.  While they are very close in terms of their usage, there are some differences in composition. We use both types of plant ingredients in our products.

Your Seaweed Bio-Exfoliant tingles, is that a normal reaction? 
Yes, the tingling sensation occurs due to the high concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea salts and the Pink Himalayan Salts, which stimulates blood circulation and exfoliate the skin.

I have sensitive skin, won't these oils make me breakout? 
No, please keep in mind that all of our blends are highly antiseptic and if anything, they will help to balance oily or sensitive skin.   Our skin needs and benefits from natural oils, in fact if it doesn’t get enough, it will naturally produce excess oils which might contribute to excess sebum production.  By moisturizing the skin with the specific type of oils and essential oils, you will help your skin to achieve balance and consistent hydration.

What is the difference between Clove Acne Control and Rescue?
I formulated the Clove Acne Control to treat cystic acne which is underneath the skin, usually is red, swollen and takes a long time to heal.  The Rescue blend is used to treat acne which is above the skin surface and is also used as a first aid to put on top of insect bites.  The Rescue blend is stronger and can dry out the skin while the Clove Acne control is more gentle to the skin and not drying.  Regardless of the acne that you are trying to treat, both blends help reduce inflammation and control acne.