Our Commitment to Purity

Our Mission

Our passion drives us to create exceptional skincare that allows you to achieve balanced, beautiful skin. Our luxurious, eco-friendly products use the highest quality of essential oils, bio-actives, hydrosols and herbal extracts available. Taking advantage of the latest scientific research in natural ingredients, we leverage our experience and knowledge to create products that are organic, pure and effective.


We believe that by sourcing organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients from sustainable and fair-trade sources, and developing relations directly with growers who follow our like-minded principles, the results will show up as products with superior efficacy.


We are driven by our passion to create the purest, most effective skin care products which allow you to achieve balance, beauty and optimum skin health. We incorporate the highest quality of organic and wild essential oils, bio-actives, and plant extracts available, exemplifying Enessa’s dedication to purity.


Taking advantage of the latest in scientific research in natural ingredients, we leverage our experience and knowledge to create products that are simply superior in their ability to restore vitality and maintain a healthy youthful skin.


Our Sourcing

We source our natural and organic ingredients from all over the world, establishing close relationships with green suppliers, organic farmers and fair-trade growers. Our ingredients are pure and sustainable, and we never use GMOs.


Our Packaging

We use biophotonic glass, the gold standard for natural product packaging. It is the only glass that protects its contents from the degrading effects of broad spectrum light. This ensures that the bioactivity of our ingredients is preserved, increasing their longevity and efficacy.

Our Values

Enessa is proud to be PETA certified. Neither we nor our suppliers ever test on animals. Instead, we test on ourselves, friends and family, ensuring that our products meet our expectations of safety and efficacy.  

By committing to green manufacturing and purchasing from co-ops, we support the sustainable economic development of small farms in Morocco, Ghana, Bulgaria, and beyond. We are also proud to donate a percentage of our sales to various nonprofit organizations. 

We are driven by our desire to achieve perfection in our products, bringing you skincare that is pure, organic and effective.